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Further reading

These are the books I especially enjoyed reading when researching Shattered:

  • Madonna and Child. Towards a New Politics of Motherhood by Melissa Benn
  • Fatherhood Reclaimed. The Making of the Modern Father by Adrienne Burgess
  • A Life’s Work. On Becoming a Mother by Rachel Cusk.
  • The rocking of the cradle and the ruling of the world by Dorothy Dinnerstein.
  • The Mommy Myth. The Idealization of Motherhood and How It Has Undermined All Women by Susan Douglas and Meredith Michaels.
  • Life After Birth by Kate Figes.
  • Couples. The Truth by Kate Figes.
  • The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan.
  • The Bitch in the House. 26 Women Tell the Truth about Sex, Solitude, Work, Motherhood and Marriage edited by Cathi Hanauer.
  • Making Sense of Motherhood. A Narrative Approach by Tina Miller.
  • Making Sense of Fatherhood. Gender, Caring and Work by Tina Miller.
  • Becoming a Mother by Ann Oakley
  • The Ann Oakley Reader by Ann Oakley
  • One Dimensional Woman by Nina Power
  • Of Woman Born: Motherhood as Experience and Institution by Adrienne Rich.
  • Misconceptions by Naomi Wolf.