Advance Praise

Professor Tanya Byron

A brilliant and refreshingly honest contribution to the debate on how we raise our children. Rebecca Asher lifts the lid on contemporary parenthood and is unafraid to tackle difficult issues, not least how fathers continue to be excluded from much feminist debate on the reworking of gender roles. As a working mother, this book hit home for me on so many levels. Asher writes in a way that skilfully pursues a compelling argument and thoughtful solutions in an accessible manner. As such, the book deserves a wide audience.

Chris Cleave

This insightful, thrillingly honest, well-argued and often very funny book should be required reading for all thinking parents and prospective parents. It's the antidote to all the saccharine mom books that gurn at you from the shelves. On a societal level Asher's argument that childcare needs to be more evenly shared is urgently true, and she puts her case in terms that recognise how many men would like to get more involved. On a personal level, as someone who has spent a bit of time on the home front myself, I suspect that if my wife and I had read this book before we had kids, we might have arrived at our present happy equilibrium a little sooner. Nothing is as useful as a book that is both heartfelt and intellectually rigorous, and no subject is as important as the way we raise our children. What Asher has achieved here is superb.